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We'll Clean Them Up!

The Barking Beauty Parlor helps you balance dirty fun and a clean house by making sure your canine companion gets bathed and brushed on a regular basis.  Not only will your house stay cleaner, but your dog will be happier and healthier with regular grooming.


  • We offer our canine clients the best in bathing and grooming services in Southern Oregon. Our groomers have more than 20 years experience each.

  • We always strive to make your pet's appointment easy and stress free. Our clients are only caged for a short time during the drying process.

  • We don't rush the process. We work to build a great relationship with each dog and enhance their complete wellbeing.

  • We understand that every dog's grooming needs are unique. At the beginning of each appointment, we will take the time to talk to you and establish the look you'd like your dog to leave with. 

  • We are conveniently located in Talent, Oregon. 

Dog Wash & Dog Grooming
Dog Being Dried & Dog Grooming
Dog getting nails clipped
Yorkie being groomed


Dirty Dog?

Barking Beauty Parlor Dog Grooming Logo

So go ahead and show your dog the appreciation he or she deserves for always being there for you. We're sure you'll appreciate the love and care we put into dog grooming and how fresh, cute and clean your dog looks and feels when they get home.  

Yorkie being groomed
Yorkie being groomed
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